Business Management

The experience of our team develops a business plan on your behalf which covers all the points related to executives, project reports and the projected financials of the company. The entire DPR is derived from exhaustive and in-depth analysis of the industry, competition and market. This leads to develop the SWOT analysis for the brand and create a backup strategy for the anticipated risk areas in long run.

The smoothness of the DPR is not enough to get down the investors. We have the competence to align you with potential investors with robust pitch deck for the investors. Also, we have the exit strategy ready that ensure the investors with insurance of their investment.

Moving ahead we cultivate the perfect launch campaign for your brand followed by aligning all the brand placement themes and channel. Placing your product in the market with a boom and making it known to the people brings us to the completion of our contract. In the field of buisness plans, we are the best consultancy in Haldwani,Uttarakhand,India. Every ending is a new beginning and hence, we will be happy to take up all your online and offline brand campaigns and keep your brand going at an escalator pace with increasing profits.

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Human Resource Consulting

Post recruitment process is very crucial for smooth operations. Rules and regulations play a vital role in managing manpower. These rules and regulations are multi layered, some which are governed by central government and need to be followed acutely. It takes years of experience and practice to have in-depth knack of the policies and procedures. We are the one of the best human resource consultancy in Dehradun,Uttarakhand,India.Further to it, one has to keep abreast with latest amendments in these policies.

Our Spartans develop policies and procedures on the following subjects for you:

  1. ⦿ HR Policy and Procedure Framework
  2. ⦿ HR Operations Implementation
  3. ⦿ Talent, Performance and Reward Management
  4. ⦿ Learning and Development Plans
  5. ⦿ Exit Analysis

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Recruitment and Staffing

As it said, “People may come, people may go, but the company goes on forever.” Recruiting the right kind of talent and managing the staff effectively is one of the most challenging task for a company. It in itself needs efficient people to choose the best.We are the best staffing and great consultancy in Uttarakhand. We have a team which is ready to take up your recruiting process which eventually helps you to focus on your imperative decisions and increase your productivity. The entire process is conducted as per company policies and guidelines. Every requirement is contented by recruiting most competent and proficient manpower which can turn to be an asset to the company.