Opening up a store keeps you engaged all day long with no time for innovation, this implies for a retail sector as well. This is cumbersome and tiring. Stores create one in ten of the world’s jobs, more than any other sector. We exist to not only keep these stores and their employees at the heart of communities and the economy but to empower them with the technology that unlocks their unique advantage over the e-commerce giants. However, with us, it is always easy as our squad is smart and proficient to cater to all the stages to set up the retail business. We assure you to provide you with all the necessary permissions and grants to make it operational as we power the deeply human customer experience that makes them stand out from the world. We also plan your grand launch and cater to the entire PR with maximum awareness. PIC is working with leading banks and insurance companies to develop solutions for the most important business areas, underpinned by profound and innovative changes to business models, operating processes, and underlying platforms.

The Indian Retail Industry is one of the quickest developing areas – locally just as globally. With an expansion in expendable livelihoods and reasonableness for customers, the area is encountering gradual development. With the further facilitating of guidelines overseeing FDI in India, speculations by multinationals are on a ceaseless ascent. Sorted out Retailing is labour concentrated and is the second biggest manager in India. The current situation demonstrates that there will be exceptional popularity for labour to coordinate the extent of plans of different Retailers sooner rather than later.

We, at PIC Consultants, keep ourselves side by side with advancements that are changing the elements of the business. We have a devoted group of experts, who have experienced in the operational structures, and comprehend the exact necessities of our customers. We help our customers in ID, evaluation, and enlistment of skilled experts with splendid records. Our inside and out experience across areas traverse every single useful region, from top to centre level positions